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Flowers and Funerals

Flowers help us communicate feelings of the heart. Flowers speak for us and say we love you, we support you, we are proud of you, and we are with you on your grief journey....READ MORE


What to Give Mom for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time for showing your appreciation for all the effort your mom put into you. So, what is the perfect Mother’s Day gift? TIME....READ MORE


Top three priorities for those who are grieving

When a person is in the midst of grief, taking care of themselves can get lost in the mayhem. There really are so many things to do....READ MORE


“When I die, I just want you to …”

Enlisting the help of a funeral director or advance planner is very helpful and not at all difficult. Nearly all funeral homes have dedicated staff to help people plan funerals in advance....READ MORE


Why don’t we celebrate life while the person is alive?

Each of us is unique. Each of us walks a different path. Shouldn’t just about everyone’s life be summed up with a “fabulous funeral”?...READ MORE

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