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Veterans: Is My Funeral Paid For?

When it comes to a veteran’s funeral, it’s important for their families to understand what the military will pay for. There’s no way to repay the debt that a veteran has paid to our country, but there are some elements that the military covers for a veteran’s funeral and final disposition. So, what help can you as a ve...READ MORE


Can My Spouse Change My Funeral Plan When I Die?

Planning your own funeral in advance can be accomplished using any one of several different methods. You can simply express your expectations to your family members. You can work with a funeral professional, explore the many options available, and create a written plan that will be retained by your funeral provider. Th...READ MORE


What Are Death Certificates for and How Many Do I Need?

Paperwork can be daunting even when you’re in a good mindset, but when you’re in a period of mourning following the death of a loved one, the last thing you want to be doing is filing forms. Unfortunately, when a loved one passes, there’s quite a lot of paperwork to do. But to start, you’ll need to obtain several death...READ MORE


I Have Several Loved Ones’ Urns – What Should I Do?

When a loved one is cremated, there’s always a question of what to do next. Generally, their ashes will sit in an urn, but what should you do with them? Do they have to stay in the urn? There are plenty of thoughtful things to do to memorialize your loved one. In many cases, you can visit the funeral home you’re work...READ MORE


History of Hearses: What Makes a Hearse Different From a Normal Car?

A hearse is a chariot that carries a loved one between their funeral and their final resting place. It’s a crucial component of a funeral home’s service. After all, anyone would want their loved one to have a dignified ride during an event meant to celebrate their life. But how did today’s hearses come to be? What we t...READ MORE

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