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What to Do When You are Attending a Service Outside of Your Faith

Faith and funerals go together like hand and glove. You can have a hand without a glove and a glove without a hand, but they are frequently together, and when they are, they usually appear as one. First thing to do, when someone you worked with, or played with, or that you cared about has died is to let go of any notio...READ MORE


Expressions of Condolences

Back in the day, before embalming was wide-spread, flowers surrounded the casket and perfumed the air. Today, it is no longer necessary to have flowers scent the air. And yet, there is something comforting about the presence of flowers at a funeral....READ MORE

Grief Funerals

Funeral Remembrance Jewelry … The Old is New Again

If you are a student of history or come from a family of “keepers” you are most likely aware of the concept of remembrance jewelry. Perhaps your grandmother kept a locket with a bit of hair from a child she lost in infancy. Or in your studies of American history you have read that this one or that one left provision in...READ MORE


What to Look for When You Are Buying Final Expense Insurance

Cost is important, but it’s not the whole story. Take a look at the premium, the amount you will pay each month, how long will you pay that amount? It is not uncommon to pay until you are 100 or even older. Will you be able to pay that amount each month as you age? What if you live to be 100? Will the benefit stay in...READ MORE


Veterans Day - Thank You for Your Service

Because you are there we all sleep better at night. You serve in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. Some of you serve for two years, some for twenty or more. Some enter into service at a tender age looking for opportunity. Some are following a longstanding family tradition. You are mothers, fathers,...READ MORE

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