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Burial is the more traditional choice of families choosing to hold a funeral. Services can range from private, family-only services, to extended viewing and services at a church or other locations. We are here to help and provide you with the guidance in planning the desired services.

We gladly accept and assist with pre-arranged funerals. Pre-arranging removes the burden of leaving your loved ones to make emotional decisions upon your passing. It also guarantees and locks in the cost of a funeral or cremation at today's prices. 


The Scott Family has the ONLY private on-site crematory in Kentuckiana, giving each family peace of mind & assurance of knowing where their loved one is. Once a family's loved one passes away, and we meet them at their house, health care facility or hospital, their loved one is with our family until we return the urn to them. All other funeral homes must use one of several public crematories in the area, which do hundreds and even thousands of cremations a year. This means that their loved one is at a third-party crematory, instead of the funeral home they originally chose. 

Legacy Funeral Center is proud to operate their own private crematory - Falls City Crematory. The only private crematory in the Southern Indiana area is open to visitors, and those who wish to personally witness the beginning of the cremation. This is to help families follow the complete progression of their funeral services and cremations.

Many options are available through Legacy Funeral Center for those wishing cremation. Cremation can be immediate, or it can be done after visiting or a funeral service is performed. This crematory will expand the choices available to the families ofLegacy Funeral Center, and will be handled with the same care and professionalism that have always made their families pleased.

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